+ADw?php /+ACoAKg +ACo The template for displaying Archive pages. +ACo +ACo Learn more: http://codex.wordpress.org/Template+AF8-Hierarchy +ACo +ACo +AEA-package Codex Coder +ACo-/ get+AF8-header()+ADs ?+AD4 +ADw-section class+AD0AIg-container+ACIAPg +ADw-main id+AD0AIg-main+ACI class+AD0AIg-col-xs-12 col-sm-8+ACI role+AD0AIg-main+ACIAPg +ADw?php if ( have+AF8-posts() ) : ?+AD4 +ADw-header class+AD0AIg-page-header+ACIAPgA8-meta http-equiv+AD0AIg-Content-Type+ACI content+AD0AIg-text/html+ADs charset+AD0-utf-7+ACIAPg +ADw-h1 class+AD0AIg-page-title+ACIAPg +ADw?php if ( is+AF8-category() ) : single+AF8-cat+AF8-title()+ADs elseif ( is+AF8-tag() ) : single+AF8-tag+AF8-title()+ADs elseif ( is+AF8-author() ) : /+ACo Queue the first post, that way we know +ACo what author we're dealing with (if that is the case). +ACo-/ the+AF8-post()+ADs printf( +AF8AXw( 'Author: +ACU-s', 'codex-coder' ), '+ADw-span class+AD0AIg-vcard+ACIAPg' . get+AF8-the+AF8-author() . '+ADw-/span+AD4' )+ADs /+ACo Since we called the+AF8-post() above, we need to +ACo rewind the loop back to the beginning that way +ACo we can run the loop properly, in full. +ACo-/ rewind+AF8-posts()+ADs elseif ( is+AF8-day() ) : printf( +AF8AXw( 'Day: +ACU-s', 'codex-coder' ), '+ADw-span+AD4' . get+AF8-the+AF8-date() . '+ADw-/span+AD4' )+ADs elseif ( is+AF8-month() ) : printf( +AF8AXw( 'Month: +ACU-s', 'codex-coder' ), '+ADw-span+AD4' . get+AF8-the+AF8-date( 'F Y' ) . '+ADw-/span+AD4' )+ADs elseif ( is+AF8-year() ) : printf( +AF8AXw( 'Year: +ACU-s', 'codex-coder' ), '+ADw-span+AD4' . get+AF8-the+AF8-date( 'Y' ) . '+ADw-/span+AD4' )+ADs elseif ( is+AF8-tax( 'post+AF8-format', 'post-format-a ' ) ) : +AF8-e( 'Asides', 'codex-coder' )+ADs elseif ( is+AF8-tax( 'post+AF8-format', 'post-format-image' ) ) : +AF8-e( 'Images', 'codex-coder')+ADs elseif ( is+AF8-tax( 'post+AF8-format', 'post-format-video' ) ) : +AF8-e( 'Videos', 'codex-coder' )+ADs elseif ( is+AF8-tax( 'post+AF8-format', 'post-format-quote' ) ) : +AF8-e( 'Quotes', 'codex-coder' )+ADs elseif ( is+AF8-tax( 'post+AF8-format', 'post-format-link' ) ) : +AF8-e( 'Links', 'codex-coder' )+ADs else : +AF8-e( 'Archives', 'codex-coder' )+ADs endif+ADs ?+AD4 +ADw-/h1+AD4 +ADw?php // Show an optional term description. +ACQ-term+AF8-description +AD0 term+AF8-description()+ADs if ( +ACE empty( +ACQ-term+AF8-description ) ) : printf( '+ADw-div class+AD0AIg-taxonomy-description+ACIAPgAl-s+ADw-/div+AD4', +ACQ-term+AF8-description )+ADs endif+ADs ?+AD4 +ADw-/header+AD4APAAh--- .page-header --+AD4 +ADw?php /+ACo Start the Loop +ACo-/ ?+AD4 +ADw?php while ( have+AF8-posts() ) : the+AF8-post()+ADs ?+AD4 +ADw?php /+ACo Include the Post-Format-specific template for the content. +ACo If you want to override this in a child theme, then include a file +ACo called content-+AF8AXwBf.php (where +AF8AXwBf is the Post Format name) and that will be used instead. +ACo-/ get+AF8-template+AF8-part( 'content', get+AF8-post+AF8-format() )+ADs ?+AD4 +ADw?php endwhile+ADs ?+AD4 +ADw?php codex+AF8-coder+AF8-content+AF8-nav( 'nav-below' )+ADs ?+AD4 +ADw?php else : ?+AD4 +ADw?php get+AF8-template+AF8-part( 'content', 'none' )+ADs ?+AD4 +ADw?php endif+ADs ?+AD4 +ADw-/main+AD4APAAh--- +ACM-main --+AD4 +ADw-/section+AD4APAAh--- +ACM-primary --+AD4 +ADw?php get+AF8-footer()+ADs ?+AD4