Your Common Question And Answer

1. Questions: It’s safe amazon Terms of Service?

answer: Yes, It’s 100% safe & completely allowed under latest amazon Terms of Service.

2. Questions: Your Rank stable? Is there any guarantee?

answer: Yes. 100% Money back guarantee (if you get good sell, your product will stay life time in 1st page but if you not get good sell, your product will go down and no Money back guarantee)

3. Questions: Any guarantee, if you can’t rank?

answer: Yes, Money back guarantee, if we can’t rank your product we will back your upfront Payment 100%.

4. Questions: How long take for rank up the keyword?

Answer: It depends on your keyword difficulties. (normally 10 to 30 days

5. Questions: How much purchase you need?

answer: we don’t require any purchase for rank your product (if you want 10 to 100 ( Your Wish) (Need Many Purchase for Instant Rank.)

6. Questions: Do you want Upfront Payment?

answer: Yes, Must Need 40% Upfront Payment.

7. Questions: Do you post Reviews on my product?( if ”yes” How Many?)

answer: Yes. We will post Reviews as much as possible. Maybe 10 to 100.

8. Questions: How much cost for rank my product?

answer: please check our price list

9. Questions: Are you using unique MAC and IP for purchase and wishlist?

answer: yes we use unique MAC and IP for purchase and wishlist.

10. Questions: What you need from me?

a) Product link or asin keyword (which Keyword you want to rank)

b) Your Full mailing address, Full Name, email Address.

c) and $100 upfront payment for per Keyword.